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Omaha has always had its oracle. Now it comes with an all-you-can-eat salad bar too! Berkshire Hathaway's stock market investing guru Warren Buffett has opened Nebraska's newest eatery, a hearty 10,000 square foot smorgasbord concept that already has area residents hungry for more.

Buffett's Buffet, conveniently located off the I-680 on Pacific Street, opened earlier this week at a renovated Sizzler site. It's been a huge success so far with long lines forming early full of patrons craving Buffett's signature squash casserole, conch fritters and tasty tapioca.

With a budget-friendly marketing campaign that consisted exclusively of "Hunger? Munger!" billboards, Warren is hoping that word of mouth will see the concept through in a fickle sector in which most restaurants fold over the course of their first few years of operation.

And what are those words in mouths saying?

"Delicious," said Council Bluffs native Beverly Law between forkfuls of fettuccini. "I can't wait to tell my friends about this place!"

Sous-chef Roger Van Aken claims that many of the menu items were inspired from Warren's own recipes. Others have themed elements that most guests aren't likely to get.

All of the cream pies, Roger points out, are served on graham crust.

"Get it," he said. "Graham. You know, Ben Graham? Warren's mentor? The Security Analysis and Intelligent Investor chap?"

Restaurant manager Wendy Heffernan was busy yet beaming when a guest came up to her, looking for the bathroom.

"It's over there," she pointed out. "Where it says SELL."


"Ask Warren," she said. "It was his crack at themed humor."

Warren was also instrumental in getting Dairy Queen to kick in with a pair of self-serve Blizzard machines. So far, it's proven to be a wildly popular addition -- but very, very messy.

So the next time you find yourself in Nebraska -- and don't laugh, it just might happen -- give Buffett's Buffet a try. You can't miss it. Just ask a local. Munger Mangia Mania is sweeping the town!

With grub like that who needs Wall Street?


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