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Pandora Peaks - Busted

We wanted a Model of the Week feature. We packed film into our camera case and made a mad rush to South Beach. Ahh, supermodels. Svelte bikini-clad vixens with fingertips that smell like lunch. Long before we were chased away, it dawned on us that that just wouldn't be IRREGULAR. The next logical choice was to go for the hideous. But then it would be your fingertips smelling like lunch. Our cup runneth over. That was until a wise elderly man approached us at Mrs. Robinson's cocktail party. "Silicone" he said. Silicone! So, come back every week for the top heavy of the runway circuit. Now that's IRREGULAR.

Pandora Peaks

Mainstream cinema caught its first glimpse of Ms. Peaks' broad range of acting talent in her heart string tugging performance as a stripper in Demi Moore's Striptease as the top heavy Urbana Sprawl. It was a promising performance. Two years later, she would star in her own video -- Visions & Voyeurism -- where she, well, stripped. In a stretch she was also featured in Playboy's Voluptuous Vixens 2. She recited Shakespearean soliloquies and gave a lengthy discourse in Latin on the merits of factored incubation. Nah. Who are we kidding? She stripped there too. Her best work to date? A Peek of Pandora where the curvy buxom actress, ummm, strips alongside two best buds.

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